December 7, 2007

Like a Child Waiting for Christmas and The Exchange

Isang tulog nalang! I feel like a child again, waiting for Christmas to open presents under the tree! I know overrated na ang excitement ko but please allow me to be crazy kasi I waited for a year. hehehe. Ang hirap nga lang, my colleague is convincing me to buy the Nikon D40x. Ngayon tuloy torn ako on what to buy. Bahala na, I'll just check it out tomorrow sa store.

And can I just rant about the dollar exchange? P41.88 to $1?!?! What the? Nakakinis. Buti sana if the prices of the basic commodities go down when the peso to dollar exchange gets stronger e kaso hindeee! The prices go up pa, even skyrockets! Tsk! tsk!

And in connection with that, I turned down worth $15 of opportunities kanina. I don't know. It went against my belief eh and I don't like writing something like that just for the heck of getting money. I know I sound plastic pero honest to goodness, if it's super against what i believe in then even if I am offered a million dollars I wouldn't.

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