February 24, 2008

Got the Sickies

Darn Sickies! I missed my photogtaphy class today. Bummer! I was feeling under the weather already when I was on my way to work but thought none of it. By the time I got home at around 630 in the morning, I was sneezing nonstop and my eyes were like faucets! So I went to sleep with my alarm clock set to 12:00 noon but alas, woke up with a monster headache. The husband wouldn't let me go anywhere. Well I couldn't reallly even if I wanted too.
I just hate missing that class. It was about composition. darn! And I wouldn't know about the assignment for next week. Sigh!
Anyway, got come awards from a dear friend, Em! Thank you so much Em! :)

1 comment:

karen said...

hi nyree, too bad you missed your class, hope you feel better.

btw here's a tag for you:


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