February 21, 2008

Addicted to Ikea

I am so darn addicted to Ikea today. I think I surfed more than 4 hours in their website. Well, we are planning to renovate the 'room' and surfing made me more excited. If not for our photography workshop assignment (will post about this soon), I wouldn't have stopped! I had to go out and buy some stuff to use. Alas the store was closed (at 10AM!) so I trekked back home stopping at the nearby sari sari store to buy pasalubong for the imp. He's not my son but I love him to bits! Well, that and he's the only willing model I have for my practice shoots :P
So pasensha na po a picture nanaman nya ang isha-share ko lol! No one wants to pose for me eh! lol! Have a great day everyone!

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