May 19, 2008

20 Random Facts About Me

I found this old post from my other blog and I thought I would like to do something like it here as well. So here goes, 20 Facts about me.

  • 1. My complete first name is Niniveh Nyree. The first part, Niniveh, was taken from the Bible and it is spelled there as Nineveh. I don't really know why mom chose that name. :) Nyree , according to my mom was a name of a popular actress that she liked. I have no idea who she is hehehe ;).
  • 2. I like eating any pasta with white sauce.
  • 3. I am addicted to Lucky Me Pancit Canton and I like it with vinegar.
  • 4. I am happily married to the man that God made for me and
  • 5. Our wedding was moved thrice!
  • 6. When I was in college, I joined the Ms. Campus Hearthrob contest as sort of like an initiation to the org that I was joining.
  • 7. Don't have a baby yet but am wanting to have one na. Problem is I have endometrioma on my right ovary, a small myoma and a retroverted uterus. I guess it would take a miracle for me to get pregnant. :)
  • 8. I am saved by Jesus.
  • 9. I'm not much of a TV buff. I'd rather read but
  • 10. I am a F.R.I.E.N.D.S addict. I have a complete collection of the 10 seasons. I still watch the cd's I have until now.
  • 11. I am an introvert. Very shy that people think I'm "suplada" but I'm not. :)
  • 12. I am very very irritated when people touch my stuff without telling me about it until later, specially if they don't put it back. I mean, I am willing to lend my stuff but for goodness sake please tell me first and put it back where you found it! :)
  • 13. My mom tells me I scatter my things a lot. When I was still single, my room was a mess BUT I know where my things are, so when I don't find it where I originally placed it I go berserck! Now that I'm married, our room is..well..not spotless clean but organized hehehe!
  • 14. I haven't travelled outside the Philippines and it is my dream to travel outside our country. I love travelling a lot!
  • 15. When travelling I am usually quiet. I just look out the window and take in all the scenery. Even if I'm just commuting to work or going someplace in the city, I love looking out the window.
  • 16. My friend, Joyce, says I am a chameleon. I unconsciously copy the way people i talk with talk, including gestures and facial expressions. Is this a bad thing?? :)
  • 17. I hate, hate, hate cockroaches and I am deathly afraid of them, specially the flying ones. Ugh!
  • 18. My friends say I am boyish cause I don't really dress to impress or do make up. I don't know, for the life of me kahit na anong gusto ko maging kikay hindi talaga e. I prefer wearing jeans and shirt with matching sneakers pa. Never ko talaga nakahiligang mag skirt - not that I'm saying it's bad. It's just not me. :) In fact, gusto ko nga nakakakita ng mga kikay kasi naiinggit ako sakanila kasi natural na natural sakanila maging girly. :) Nagskirt lang ata ako nung wedding namin, gown pa yon at hindi skirt o diba? :)
  • 19. I procrastinate a lot. Tsk tsk tsk. Baaad.
  • 20. I'm part Chinese but I don't look chinese. Mas napagkakamalang chinese si hubby kasi singkit mata nya hehehe! :)
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    Nita said...

    Nice post. Oy masarap yung Lucky Me Pancit Cantoon na may vinegar. Sus di ko ipagpapalit yan! LOL...



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