July 24, 2008

New Project

I've been pretty darn bad in updating this blog that I forgot to blog about my recent addiction: Going to the gym.
I finally decided to grab this great company benefit that would allow us to enroll in Fitness First without using a credit card. Sayang naman kasi, it's at a discounted rate, the monthly fee is deducted sa pay in 2 payments and Lifestyle Passport pa ang membership so I can workout in any Fitness First gym (except for FF Platinum and FF Plus). I am thoroughly enjoying my time at the gym. I could stay there for like 2 to 3 hours just working out. I even go before work. The best thing about it is I get to shed these unwanted pounds. healthy living baga. hehe! So how is it so far? Well, a friend told me it's okay to lose like a pound a week. I started going June 1st and look what I've achieved so far (and to think I missed a week of going to the gym because of my period ):
www.my-calorie-counter.com The webs free Carb Counter
According to iVillage my target weight is 150lbs and a BMI of 18.6 to 24.9. My current BMI is at 26.94 - still at the overweight stage but at least I am now off the Obese stage hahaha! I know I have a long way to go, but I guess I am on track.
Wish me luck on this new project. I'll keep you posted. Maybe even post a before and after pic hehe!


Mec said...

good luck sis!!! :) sana tuloy tuloy para talagang healthy and happy :)

hope your weekend was fun :)

Mec is Mom

karen said...

wow galing naman! i am starting my own weight loss project din, long overdue na nga e. i hope i can be as persistent as you. good luck!

Info Beasiswa said...

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