June 29, 2009


Several updates. So many things happened that I was just tired by Sunday. But I was happy and content and that's what matters.

Monday started with my husband getting sick. Aww. The poor thing was coughing non stop and his fever, although not that high, was making him really cranky. I had to stay home to take care of my sweetie. Top that up with the flu scare, I had to bring him for a check up when his fever did not go down by Tuesday. Good thing it was just stress and some infection that was relived by some Antibiotics.
The husband rewarded me by allowing me to meet with some friends last Friday night. I had so much fun with Joyce and Keala. I haven't seen them for so long! Of course we fell into our usual crazy stuff and didn't stop laughing all throughout dinner. I love these girls! They're really true friends I could count on.
I was also out Saturday paying some bills and met up with another good friend, Kayie. We had what we call our "food trip" time where we just ate and ate and ate to our stomach's content. Hahaha! I felt like bursting with all the food we ate. Of course, not to mention the laughter. Kayie, we should do this more often!
Sunday saw me holding the broom. I literally waged war with the dust bunnies in our room! It took me half the day to finish clearning everything. So by the time the husband came home from work, I was not able to see his reaction anymore. I was dead tired!
Whoo! What a week. Tired but happy.

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