March 29, 2010

The Weekend That Was

I had a pretty good weekend. How was yours?

Mine began Saturday morning after shift. The husbo and I went to UP and ran. Well, I did some interval running because this bad habit of mine had me gasping for breathe in just a few minutes. Darn it. I am seriously cutting down! I envy the husbo, though. He ran about 10k non stop! Wish I could do that soon!

The rest of Saturday was spent sleeping. My entire body was so sore after the run that I just had to sleep! Well, considering I ran after a full shift at work, you'd understand the fatigue. But seriously, running outdoors is something totally different from running on the treadmill! I never believed the husband when he says that but now I do! It's like a total body workout! It felt great! I am seriously addicted to running - outdoors! Too bad our place doesn't really offer much venue for every day running. I can only run outdoors during weekends. I have to settle for the gym treadmill during weekdays.

Sunday was spent with my family as the husbo had to work. We went to Binondo and just bonded. I missed my Kuya and little bro though as they weren't able to join us. It was fun catching up. They brought me home in the afternoon to rest a bit before meeting some friends for some chit chat and foot massage. We went to this place in Banawe, QC and had a relaxing one hour. It was a perfect ending for my tired feet!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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