April 21, 2010

Back to My Running Program

Today, I started my official training for the Nature Valley 5K run. I decided to do my morning runs at the Quezon City Memorial Circle instead of UP. The cheapskate in me reasoned out I will save about seven bucks running at QCMC. LOL!

Anyway, I did some walk/run intervals as I start to slowly ease back to running after a 2-week hiatus. I got sick 2 weeks ago and decided to rest it off before going back to running. The long vacation from running moved me back to where I started, both in my training and weight, but at least I am back.

So I ran the first round and then walked the entire circumference next. I ran another round again and did another session of walking. Since I was already running out of breath, I decided to run half and walk the next half. I didn't want to overdo things because I am afraid of getting sick again, and, from what I've read, it is good to start with some walk/run intervals to get your lungs stronger. Anyway, I did some cool down and stretching and walked all the way back home. For those who know where we live, yes, I walked all the way back home. It wasn't that tiring. Just full of pollution as I had to pass East Avenue, but I had fun because it is while walking that I find myself able to think.

The walk back home did me good. Made me more motivated as I pictured myself shedding off all these pounds soon. I also thought about why I was frustrated running when there are a lot of people walking in front of me during a running event. I realized it was because seeing them walking in advance, I would speed up to get past and avoid them, looking for a huge space to run comfortably, thus, making me run faster than my comfortable pace (and thus getting tired easily). Is this just me, or do you runners out there experience this also?

My feet are killing me right now but overall I feel good! Makes me want to do this everyday but I know rest is also important. I just can't wait for the day when I can comfortably run a whole 5K without stopping to walk.

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