April 21, 2010

My First 5K

I survived my first 5K Run!

I know I didn't really do well considering I had to walk most of the distance but at least I didn't give up. I finished it and I am proud of that.

I joined Earth Run 2010 which was held at the Fort with the husbo and some of my friends which made it fun, but the overall event I was dissatisfied. I didn't think it was that organized. Plus I had to zig zag my way through tons of people who weren't even running from the start. Okay, I knew I didn't run the entire distance but at least I ran! Some of these people were just walking and getting in the way! It was one of the reasons why I had a hard time running. Imagine gaining your momentum and then you have to slow down because people in front of you are walking.

Don't get me wrong, I am happy that people are getting into running and being healthy. I just feel like most of these people aren't really serious about it. They're just there for the sake of saying they were there.

Oh and I don't feel like the timing would be accurate because at the finish line, you had to fall in line and tear off part of your bib number and give it to someone. I also didn't line up for the give away. The line was too long I didn't feel it was worth standing on a line too long when my legs already hurt. LOL!

But it feels great knowing I can run pala. I just need to double my efforts in making sure I am ready for my next 5K run. I am joining the Nature Valley Run which is the second leg of the RunRio Trilogy (will do another post on this). I will be doing the run/walk workouts starting later until the event. Hopefully, I can run the whole way this time.

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