April 5, 2010

Restless and Bored

I am feeling much better now although I still have that teeny weeny bit of sniffles and cough. But this is way better than what I was feeling last Saturday.

I was already restless Sunday. I wanted to go out and do something, anything. I was bored out of my wits end. The husbo wanted to stay at home and in bed. I, on the other hand was so tired of being in bed already. I wanted to explore, make the most of my day. Since I had no one to go with me, I ended up staying cooped up inside our room and boy, did I made a fuss about it.

I understand that this is an opportune time to rest from the every day stuff from work. But I also think that time is just passing me by when I stay home and do nothing. Thus, my restlessness. I was, and still am so bored. I might go to work way too early today. I could not go back to working out just yet. Maybe on Wednesday.

Gaaah! I am rambling already.

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