July 23, 2010

Create Memories

I am excited about the next 2 weekends coming up! They can't get here any faster!

This weekend, my husbo and I are watching a movie after church service. It's been a long while since we dated - well at least just the two of us. I was busy going out with my friends the past months and now I think it's time for me and the husbo to reconnect. :) I am giddy with excitement! I know it's not much but for us it's a lot already. Which makes me want to plan already about our wedding anniversary on December. I want to have a unique and memorable celebration with the husbo! Hmm.. what to do? Can someone give me cool ideas?

The next weekend will all be about family. The husbo, I and my family are going out to watch another movie, get some fro yo, spa and dinner after. It's been a while since I went out with my family and I miss them. We may not be that close-knit type but they're still my family and I love them to bits!

This makes me realize the truth behind that quote: "Don't wait for moments in your life, create them." lately, I've been feeling very left out and alone. Chalk it up to PMS but I had a light bulb moment. Why should I wait for people to create happy memories for me? Why not create them myself? So if you're stuck in a rut like I am, then, please, don't just sit around and wallow in despair. Stand up and get a move on! Life is too short! Create memories! Happy memories! It doesn't matter if it's with friends, family, colleagues or even with yourself. Just go do what makes you happy! If you find yourself alone, travel somewhere, take up a hobby you've been dying to do. Appreciate yourself and love yourself!

That's it for today. I feel like I am rambling again. If you have any ideas for that wedding anniversary thingie, please let me know okay? :)

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