October 19, 2010

The Best Things in Life Aren't Things

Okay, I began this post last night but as I start to type, I stole a glance upon my husband, sleeping soundly and in an instant I abandon my laptop and snuggle beside him. This time with him, even when his consciousness is far in dreamland, is precious to me. To hear his heart beat, feel his chest rise and fall as he breathes, to feel the warmth of his arms around me, are moments I learned to appreciate every single day.

I've never been very jealous of what others have, material wise. There are things that I like and sometimes I splurge on these but I never seem to think them important in my life. I don't even care too much about shopping. I just buy whenever I need new clothes and that spans years sometimes. What I find important in my life are the relationships I choose to keep. My husband of course seconds the list (with God being in the number 1 spot) followed closely by my family and then my friends. Another thing I treasure are the moments I spend with these people I consider important. I keep their memories deep in my heart and I know my life is full. I may not have the biggest mansion or the fanciest car, as long as I have God, my husband and my family and friends, I am happy and content.

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