October 11, 2010

Happiness is a Choice

This is something I remind myself every time I wake up. And when I am up and about, I still remind myself so I don't forget to stay happy throughout the day.

Okay, I am not some perfect walking sunshine. In fact, people who know me would probably tell you that Mr. Melancholy and I are practically twins, and Mr. Negativity is our cousin. Oh and let's not forget, Ms. Frown who is a friend, dropping in unannounced and never leaves until bed time.

Yeah, that's me. But today, I finally learned that happiness is a choice. Funny, and you may think I am stupid, but I've heard that phrase so many times in my entire life, I even use it, but for the life of me, I couldn't quite grasp it's meaning. I keep asking myself, "how in the world can you choose to be happy when circumstances in your life won't allow you to be?" And then I realized, it was all because I was letting Mr. Negativity in.

So I tried making a choice today. I chose to have a happy mind set. To fill my mind with happiness, or as Peter Pan puts it: "Think happy thoughts!" I woke up reminding myself that I am happy. It wasn't easy. All throughout the day, Mr. Melancholy, Mr. Negativity and Ms. Frown kept knocking on my door. But I simply told them that I was happy with Mr. Positivity. That I didn't need them and proceeded to close the door on their faces with Ms. Smile with me. I was relieved when they didn't pester me anymore. There were opportunities for them to show up, but they never did. And I felt lighter.

It doesn't mean that I won't get sad. I am just human after all. It just means I now know how to see beyond the imperfections. It just means I am now able to look at things in a different perspective. I haven't mastered this yet but it's something I look forward to doing every single moment of my waking day. To choose to be happy in spite and despite of the circumstances that come along.

Will you practice this with me? :)

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