October 30, 2010


Today was great.  The husbo and I went out on a simple date. We just went to a nearby mall and shopped to our heart's content (a.k.a until our pockets were empty LOL!). It's a good thing most of the stores were offering items on sale. We were two happy shoppers!  

This was the second date in two days and I am just happy.  Please pardon the shallowness, but when your work schedules only allow you to see each other 2 days in a week, you treasure the times you spend together - every single minute of it. No matter how simple, even if it's just eating breakfast together or waking up beside each other is already something to be thankful for.

Which really makes me think about my plans for next year - of quitting my job and just work from home full time.  It's a daunting thought and there's a lot to consider but so far, the pros outweigh the cons.

1. Quality time for the husbo.  Working in different time zones has prevented me to fully embrace the role of a wife.  I don't get to prepare him breakfast, or prepare his things for work.  I don't get to give him a massage whenever he gets home from work tired and stressed, don't get to listen to him air out his stress from the office.  Staying at home will allow me to be there for him. 

2. Time to learn. Working nights also takes out more energy in me that I am unable to learn things I want to learn like cooking ( embarrassingly, I only know how to fry and microwave food LOL!), photography or a new language.  I am hoping that working from home will allow me to manage my time better and start learning new things.

3. Start a family.  We have no kids yet, and yes, contrary to what others perceive, we do want children. Many factors have been part of our no-kid status, but I am hoping that the stress-free environment of my working from home can help us (plus a bunch of prayers of course), God willing.

These are just the major pros, there are still a lot of minor ones. But thinking about these three already gives me enough reason to put down everything and start working from home.  I've seen countless moms/wives do it so I know I can too.  I just need to sit down and pray for this plan to make sure this is the path God wants for my life.  After all, He is my light and He knows what's best for me - for us.   

I'll keep you posted.  In the meantime, please pray for me, for us. Thanks in advance!


Aggie said...

Your dream has come true!!
Congrats Nyree!

Suzanne said...

I know how you feel, Nyree! Hindi ko alam ano setup nyo but I can relate since we're complete only during weekends (and middle of the week). Hay. Sige lang, pray and ask for enlightenment ano ba talaga dapat. All the very best!


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