October 30, 2010


I forgot to blog about my recent doctor's visit.  My cough just won't let up 2 weeks ago that we decided it's time to visit the doctor.  The hospital improved a lot since I was there last year for my operation.  The waiting rooms were improved, they added a lot more chairs for waiting patients and the ventilation was better also.  

Another thing I noticed was that they had new nursing uniform scrubs which was easier on the eye.  Last year's were quite boring. LOL!  I wonder where they got it, if they had them made or if they just decided to buy scrubs online.

I didn't wait long for my doctor though so that was great.  He pronounced I had asthma and prescribed a lot of medicines and I now had to buy an inhaler.  Something I didn't use even when I had asthma as a kid.  I guess this asthma attack was bigger. Sigh.  Medicine costs now a days aren't a joke but I had to buy.  Oh well, at least I had a cute doctor, who, by the way, was also sporting a new medical scrub! I am totally crushing on my doctor! Maybe being sick isn't a bad thing if I see him all the time LOL!

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