December 8, 2010

On Delayed Passports and Busted Laptops

So much has happened since Thanksgiving and I've been kind of busy at my other home. But of course I won't forget to update here.  Today seems kind of a good day to do just that since I woke up too early.  I've been anxious, I guess, because of waiting for my passport.  I paid for rush processing because I wanted to get my passport early but I guess the DFA had other plans.  I called up the LBC office yesterday and was adviced that out of the 400 passports scheduled for release Dec 6, only 11 were released. WTH?! So much for paying for rush processing. I praised the DFA prematurely.  Oh well, it's something out of my control so I am letting it go. I just hope I get it this week, at least.

On another note, I am using the husband's laptop today...well, I've been holding his laptop hostage for several days now.  The charger of my near-dead Dell Inspiron gave up.  I've been meaning to buy a charger for it but I am wondering if I should get a new laptop instead? So many things I want, so little money. LOL!

Oh hey, how's your holiday season so far?  Mine's been hectic compared to previous ones but that's because I decided to dive in and get the most out of this holiday.  Hope yours has been fun as much as it was mine!  I need to sign off now.  Happy Holidays!

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