February 19, 2011

Clean Medical Scrubs - A Must

I remember visiting a family member in the hospital late last year, we were asked to wear scrubs since he was in the ICU.  The thing is , they only had 1 scrub per patient.  I know that one of the reasons why we are asked to wear them was due to sanitary purposes but I don't think providing just one scrub per visitor can be considered sanitary.  Since we were only given one scrub to use, I wonder if they even wash them every day? Hmm...

I think this particular hospital seriously needs to consider buying more.  There are really great quality discount scrubs that they can purchase so they can provide some for visiting families and friends.  It will be more sanitary that way and they can wash them in batches.

Another thing I noticed is that they should consider doing a revamp on their medical nursing uniforms because the one's I saw were really drab and dingy.  For a hospital as big as theirs,  I think it is a must for them to have hospital uniforms that are clean. Don't you think so too? :)

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