February 15, 2011

Twilight Saga's Isle Esme

Here's another update for part 1 of the Breaking Dawn movie this 2011.  Every time I see an update I really get excited and can't wait for the movie!  Just last Sunday, I was able to watch New Moon again.  I haven't gotten to reading the books for the nth time, swamped with work and all that, but I do want to read back when I gave the time. Hopefully before this movie is shown.

Okay, I am rambling, here's the update. I got this from The Twilight Saga's facebook page. Presenting, Isle Esme...

Isle Esme from The Twiligh Saga: Breaking Dawn Movie Part 1
This shot is so romantic and I can't wait how it looks on the big screen! Just perfect for Edward and Bella's honeymoon!

And as an added bonus, here's how the holidays look like from the Swan Residence:

Holidays at the Swan Residence.  Photo from The Twilight Saga FB Page.
I can just imagine the wolf pack along with Charlie, Bella, Renesmee - all jampacked here. :) 

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