October 9, 2011

Happy Yellow Lemon and Blue Eagle Bonfire

One Saturday, three pretty ladies went out on a happy date - a Happy Lemon date that is.  Tita Bhie, Dia and I were having breakfast one morning and we spontaneously decided to go and hang out before Ateneo's 4-peat Bonfire in the evening.  And hang out we did at the Eastwood Mall.  Happy Lemon's Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese (which is an absolute favorite!) kept us company as we laughed and talked the afternoon away.We wanted to have a look around the mall so we begrudgingly stood up and walked around (while still talking ha!). 

Goofing around in the ladies room. LOL!
Since we wanted to beat the rush of Ateneans attending the bonfire, we decided to head on to Ateneo.  It's a good thing we did because Katipunan Avenue traffic was horrendous!  We didn't notice the long line of cars though because we were talking (again!) and laughing inside the cab.  Manong driver must have thought we were crazy ladies! 

After a quick dinner at McDonald's (where else?! The place to be! haha!), we proceeded to the Ateneo school grounds for the bonfire. The place was PACKED so we settled on standing a bit by the side.  We had a pretty good view of the wide LCD screen -- until the rain poured!  You'd think you'd see people scamper and try to find a shelter from the rain but NOOOO! The Atenean school spirit cannot be dampened by the rain! Umbrellas (including ours) went up everywhere!

Photo Credits: David Agoncillo
The coach thanking his team and teaching them how to dougie!
I am no Atenean (Dia is!) but the bonfire was a such a FUN experience! It's been ages since I've been to a UAAP event (don't you dare start guessing my age! LOL!) and I am reminded of how the beat of the drums can make your heart swell with pride for your school. Congratulations again Ateneo Blue Eagles! One Big Fight!


Suzanne said...

Your post made me miss my circles of girl friends!

Mich said...

Happy lemon! Sarap!


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