October 15, 2011

The UBEquitous Mr. UBE

Since we're into colors, let's do an "Ube" Post, shall we? :)

Eng Bee Tin lovers in Quezon City, you may rejoice as your favorite "ube-colored" store is now in the vicinity.  Today, the husbo and I discovered Mr. Ube Noodle House on E. Rodriguez Avenue.

After going through the most stressful, blood-boiling experience, no thanks to Maxicare's staff at St. Lukes, the husbo and I needed some yumminess to soothe our angry nerves.  And since the husbo was also sick with cough and colds, what better way to calm us than chinese food, right?  And right smack across St. Luke's hospital, we found Mr. Ube Noodle House.  That familiar sight made me sigh with relief and hold my breath in anticipation.

The store isn't that big.  A display rack of Eng Bee Tin products to the right and a view of the kitchen to the left gave us a warm welcome complete with a cute chinese voice greeting us "Ni Hao!".  The products silently beckoned and as soon as I had my arms filled with those delectable flavored hopias, I proceeded to pay at the cashier found at the middle part of the L-shaped noodle house.

Should you decide to eat here, note that Mr. Ube Noodle house uses the fast-food process of pay-as-you-order at the cashier.  After paying, they will give you a number and someone will serve the food to you.  I got my favorite Beef Noodles while the husbo got the Sate Beef Noodles. They were priced at P100 each.  Affordable -- or so I thought.  I first assumed it was inexpensive because the serving bowl was huge which gave the effect that there's a lot in there, but alas, the soup was the only thing aplenty.  The noodles were "bitin" for me.  The husbo said the same thing.  But the taste wasn't bad, I'd say it's at par with most of the authentic chinese restos in the metro.  

The husbo with his huge bowl of Sate Beef Noodles.  Perfect for his colds. :)
We also ordered pork and shrimp siomai (sorry I forgot to take note of the price, but it's less than a hundred pesos) which like the noodles tasted the same as that of the other chinese place.  Nothing to rave about. For drinks, the husbo got red iced tea while I got the black gulaman.  Both drinks were at Php 65 each.

The staff were pleasant and courteous enough and got our orders right so we were happy.  I'd say we'd still go back there if we suddenly crave for some flavored hopia that Eng Bee Tin is famous for but not for the food.  We could get that somewhere else.

A piece of advice, don't go there during weekday-lunch time. The place, small as it is, is packed with students from the nearby colleges and people from St. Lukes. Weekends will be a better time to visit. 

P.S. For those who want to know, "Ube" is purple yam

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