February 28, 2005

Baby Dreaming

Ok, I just had to post this. Last night, I dreamt I was holding our baby. It felt sooo real that I was all giddy and happy (and I've been relieveing the dream over and over) ever since I woke up. hehehe! Talk about being mababaw! Well, it was sort of funny and wierd though. I totally forgot what I was dreaming of before that but the baby dream is still fresh in my mind 'til now. The dream started with me holding my baby. My mom was there and I was asking her if our baby got her (yes, our baby in my dream is a she :-) ) cheeks from hubby and my mom said yes. Change scene, I was changing our baby's clothes and was so happy to have a lot of girly baby clothes to choose from. After that I fed her daw and she looked so angelic, smiling and all while drinking her milk. After feeding her, I was rocking her daw to sleep and I was so so happy daw just looking at her sleeping and then my mom was there again, I was asking her how I gave birth, (apparently, in my dream, it was just a day after I gave birth) because I have no recollection of giving birth whatsoever. I knew I was pregnant daw but I didn't know how I gave birth and my mom told me that I was asleep when I went into labor and they had to rush me to the hospital, and then I woke up. The dream felt so real that I was looking for our baby as soon as my eyes opened.. Good thing hubby left for work already or else he would've thought I was going crazy! hehehe! I want a baby, but we're not obsessing about it. i mean, if God thinks we're ready for a baby, I know He will give us one. That has always been our prayer, that His will be done. Right now, me and hubby are just enjoying each others company. :) But having that dream made me feel all giddy inside...I still feel like I'm on cloud nine (I am one big wierdo! hehehe!)

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