March 7, 2005

Application and "Pasyal"

Today saw me trooping to the Quezon City Hall to request for a certified true copy of our marriage contract. I applied for both a local and a foreign copy. I would need the foreign copy for my passport application. The process was a breeze. Again, kudos to the Quezon City hall staff for providing fast service! I will be able to get the copies by Thursday March 11. For those who would be getting their certified true copy of marriage contract from the Quezon City Hall (only for those who got married in Quezon City), you only need to bring the original copy of your marriage contract (the one you got from the church) and a photocopy of it. Proceed to the Civil Registrar's Office. Window 1 is for the foreign copy and window 4 is for the local copy. Fill up an application form and give the forms to the person manning the window. They will issue you a pay order slip and then you will be instructed to proceed to pay at the 2nd floor of the building adjacent to the civil registrar's office. After paying (PhP 50.00 for local and PhP 60.00 for foreign), you need to go back to the civil registrar office and present the receipts to the window where you got the pay order slip. They will issue you a small piece of paper indicating when you would be able to get it (3 days). That's it! :) As usual, I brought my inaanak with me for a pasyal. Okay okay, so it's not really a pasyal place but I love bringing this little guy along. ;) After I applied for the copies of our marriage contracts, we proceeded to a grassy strip at the city hall. We let him loose and the young man had a grand time running and playing around! Ah! The joys of being a toddler... ;)

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