February 23, 2005


I was so anxoius the whole week! I mean when I left their office two weeks ago, they told me they were gonna call me for a final interview, but just sort of a job offer thing I guess. But when they didn't call, I was so disheartened. i felt so sad. All week my friend B (wose husband was working there as a Technical Director) kept on texting me about how the Chairman, Mike Barnett, was so impressed with me daw, and that I was a definite "in". But of course, that did little in uplifting my mood. It's not that I don't trust my friend, it's just that I would want to hear it from the HR staff themselves.
Ok, a little side kuento, Mike, the chairman asked me a couple of questions during the interview. It was so fast nga e, the interview lasted only for like 10 minutes or so. After I answered one of his questions, he suddenly turns to the Operations Manager and says, "You know what, of all the people I've talke to this morning, she has the nicest accent and voice! She speaks well! She sounds like a white chick man!" I blushed! I honestly didn't know if it was a compliment or something. Having watched "White Chicks", I don't know if he meant I sounded like a real american, or I sounded like the Wayans brothers when they paraded as white girls...hehehe! Ayun, I just sort of searched na nga for another job, but lo and behold, yesterday, my friend B sent me an sms telling me to free my line cause J was calling daw but the line was busy ( I was busy blogging hehehe) So, J told me that opening was moved to March 14 (We were supposed to start Feb 21 daw) because the glass doors weren't delivered yet and they could not install the PC's kasi baka daw manakaw. So there, it's a definite go! :) I will report on March 14! B texted me again and told me that J showed her my would-be office! Nice nice daw and computer na lang and lacking. And she also quoted J as saying: "This would be Nyree's office, she will be having a bird's eye view of the agents." hehehe! me so excited! teehee! Oh and J also told me that we would be training the first batch of agents! A deginite plus! I always admired our trainers and hope that I could do what they do and be able to help the new agents.
Okay, some more side kuento, the company that I applied for was a new call center, it's a start up company pa lang so small pa. Modesty aside, I've had several offers from top call centers naman, but I have several reasons why I chose this company. 1. Despite the risks, I chose this company because I can see a lot of area for growth. Shempre, since start up nga, I will be one of the pioneers and would also grow with the company. I'm tired na rin kasi of hopping from one call center to another. :-( 2. During the interviews, I got the chance to know the owners of the company more, and I could see that the owners, as well as the operations manager, have the heart for their agents. They believe in starting small so that they would really be able to take care of their employees. They want to have 100% employee retention - a good foundation If you ask me. Of the 3 call centers I've worked for, (2 of them, really big call centers with more than a thousand seats) they care little for their employees. Yeah, they have benefits and big pays and stuff, but really listening to their employee's needs? Good luck! and of course the big possibility of being sent abroad for training is a definite plus! hehehe!
Well, 2 more weeks of bumming around and being a "temporary housewife" (Hubby loves calling me this! hehehe), at least I get to complete the requirements that they need from me. And, I need to get a passport! I can't use my old one na daw cause sobrang tagal na nun! I was like 10 years old when I got it so I have to apply for a new one. Hmm...I'd have to ask hubby to get a passport too! (Can you believe this we don't have passports! hehehe!) Anyway, I plan to surprise him din kasi with a trip to hongkong or singapore for our 1st Anniversary and second honeymoon (I hope he's not reading this hehehe!) Sorry for being ignorant, pero we don't need visas naman in these countries diba?

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