February 23, 2005

Whee finally able to upload pics!

Yipee! I am now able to upload pics from our digicam to our computer! Well, we had to reformat our PC though. But that's okay, now it's easier cause we don't have to install any software. Here are some samples :
That there is our (Hubby and mine =) ) inaanak Emman. He's 11 months old. I just love this little guy so much! He's always smiling and laughing! That's why I love taking pictures of him! He's so cute kasi and he has the same hairstyle as our shih tzu's hehehe! His mom has not had his hair cut yet, she's waiting until he turns 1 (which is on wednesday, March 2 =)) He's a swell little guy, but do you know what happens when he's pissed off??? Well, this little guy turns into this:
Hehe! Isn't he a cutie? :)

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