February 22, 2005


Okay, I went back to the previous call center I worked for (the one who wouldn't allow me to take a leave of absence a day before my wedding hmph!) to undergo their clearance process. Guess what they did?! They cleaned out my locker without notifying me!!! I mean, okay, the lockers are company property, I get that, but what about my stuff inside?! My headset was also there. What if they suddenly tell me it wasn't in there? How would I get cleared? and worse they would want me to pay for it! They have no respect whatsoever! They should've waited for me to clean out my locker myself and turn in those stuff myself right?! and this is what got me pissed big time, when I asked the HR where my things were ( I had a trench coat, my mug, and some other stuff in there) she didn't have a clue!!!! She told me she would give me a call about my things. I was so pissed, she got a mouthful from me. I know I was bad but then they deserved it and I don't regret what I did. (If you want to know what call center that was, post a comment or email me.) No wonder a lot of their agents are leaving. Almost all of my batchmates from training left already. That's why they keep posting job vacancies at jobstreet and jobsdb. I totally hate myself for even applying in that company. For being stupid thinking that the program would be directly under MCI. >:(

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