May 24, 2005

Feeling Mushy

Here in training. Blah! I feel so sleepy, irritable and sad. Haay, PMS ata ito.
I miss H already. He's going to the gym thrice a week now so we don't get to see each other at all. Waah!!! I wish weekend na ulit para I could hug him all I want. :-(
Last Saturday was my Shobe's (younger sister) 18th birthday. No party. We just had lunch at our house. Cost cutting kami hehehe. But we had a great time nonetheless. Bonding bonding with my family and my mom cooked my fave - sinigang! Heheh even H who's on a diet couldn't resist. He ate a lot! Patay sha sa trainer nya. :-) Sunday, we went to Cost-U-Less in Libis. Wala lang, just browsed around and since free membership, my mom and I applied for membership. :-)
So there, that's our weekend, looking forward to the next. H, I miss you so much! :,(

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