July 18, 2005


Am Back! It's been a while since I last updated my blog. Missed blogging so much. :( Anyway, things have been quite ..uh..stressful these days. I've been on the ops floor for the past three weeks and am still adjusting. I love the challenge of the calls that we receive though. You get to learn a lot. I just hope my stress level would go down soon. ;) Another thing that got me busy last month was the death of my maternal lolo. He died June 23 and I had to be there for my mom. Grabe, that was my 2nd week sa ops floor and I had to file for an emergency leave agad. buti nalang this company is really ok kaya nakapagleave ako. Inspite of the sad situation, am so thankful for my lolo kasi up until the end, pinaexperience nya samin ang chinese culture. (yep, am 75% chinese) It was the first time for me na makaattend ng chinese wake and burial and sobra ko naappreciate yung culture. Before kasi parang wala lang, I attended a chinese school noon pero parang deadma lang ako sa tinuturo nila about the culture and stuff. Thank you Guakong (that's what I call my lolo, yan kasi tawag sa maternal lolo sa chinese e) even until the last moment, you opened my eyes and made me see the colorful chinese culture and tradition. We miss you. That's it for now. Promise maguupdate na ako madalas =)

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