November 19, 2005

Almost a Year!

Today is Ahiya R's wedding day. Ahiya R is my paternal cousin. He hails from Cotabato, and stayed with our family when he went to college here in Manila. I consider him my second kuya. We exchanged SMS messages a few days back and I realized I miss him. Back when he was still in college, we often talked about anything under the sun. I knew about his crushes and he knew mine. (No, he's not gay, he's getting married na nga! :) ) When he got a place of his own, we lost touch na. Specialy when he was assigned in Mindanao. Now he's getting married! Congratulations Ahiya R! Am so happy for you and D! :) Am here at work but I will be going straight to the reception once my shift ends at 6PM. Wouldn't want to miss your special day!
I started thinking what they could be doing right now. These thoughts made me reminisce about my wedding day 11 months ago. At about this time, the hotel suite we booked was in utter chaos. Photographers were taking pictures of the accessories, Kuks and his team were putting on make up on some of the entourage. I was all made up, in my robe, eating, watching all the fuss. :) Almost a year after, I still smile when I remember snippets of that day. Makes me miss all the wedding preparations, the stress, the excitement, the joy...sans the costs of course! :)

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