November 18, 2005


Hectic day! We've been receiving lots of calls. Stressed. I got a perfect Customer Satisfaction survey so they gave me a cap with our client's logo on it. Cute and I am happy. Babaw ba? hehehe! :) Wala lang, I got na a water jug, a lanyard (ewan kung tama ang spelling pero ito yung id lace :) ) all with the client's logo on it, naigiipon kasi ako. :) I Am obviously enjoying this account - stress and all :). Am very excited about something. I can't keep my mind off it. I gave it all to God and told myself that whatever the result, it would be according to God's good and perfect plan. But, I still can't stop thinking about it. Will post about it here soon. (and for those wondering, sadly this has nothing to do with pregnancy. :( )

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