November 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Honey!

Happy Birthday Honey! I'm sorry your birthday gift is delayed. Dibale lapit na, 1st week of December and we will be able to shop for it na. :) It really amazes me how God works. His ways are truly wondrous! Days prior to Hubby's birthday, he was sad thinking he could not even celebrate it with simple pansit or whatever due to financial reasons. He warned me not to remind anyone of his birthday as he was "nahihiya" that he could not afford to treat anybody..yeah, not even his family. I promised him I won't breathe a word to anyone and gently reminded him that God is faithful. I prayed asking God for provision for that day and to make my hubby's birthday a happy one. 2 Days before his birthday his cousin called up and told him they will be dropping by the next day since it was hubby's birthday. Sheepishly, Hubby told him that we would not be able to offer them anything. Hubby said to just postpone it til next week. Kuya Gerry was persistent saying "ako na bahala sa drinks". After a few hours several relatives called and asked what Hubby's favorite cake flavor as they will be dropping by for his birthday. To make a long story short, a lot of people dropped by the house and we had a grand time celebrating hubby's birthday with relatives and friends. We had lots of food, drinks, kunetos and a lot more! Before we went to sleep, Hubby was teary eyed and told me God is indeed wonderful. I mean we really appreciate that our friends and family remembered hubby's birthday but the thing is it was never really such a big fuss before (execpt of course with me and his family), and a simple text or call or greeting would have made us really happy,but I guess, God had plans, and it amazed us that a lot of people called up and showed up to celebrate his birthday with him, bringing in lots of food, kuentos and laughter, hours after we prayed. It may be a simple thing for others, they may call us "mababaw," but one thing we know, God is good and faithful. He really works in wondrous ways! To all the people who were there, to those who texted, emailed, called and greeted hubby on his day, thank you so so much for making his birthday a special one. We could never thank you enough! May God bless you abundantly!

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