September 25, 2006

God's Favor - Sweet Favor!

I'm currently reading "Your Best Life Now" by Pastor Joel Osteen. Thanks to my friend Rache who lent me this blessing of a book. It totally changed my point of view about life. As you can remember from my previous posts, I said that I was a pessimist ( I still am sometimes. I am a work in progress. :) ) I truly was. I always see the bad side of everything. When I started reading this book, I understood that our attitudes, words and thoughts have tremendous power over our lives. Thinking negative thoughts and saying negative things over my life will always give me negative results.

When I started doing what Pastor Joel Osteen advised in his book, to declare everyday that I have favor with God, that I am blessed, that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, things started to happen. I began having this renewed, peaceful countenance I never knew before. I started obeying God, started to really pray and ask Him for direction in my life, started speaking blessings over my life and over the lives of all the people around me and true enough I experienced God's favor. It's the sweetest thing!

You see, I always thought of myself as nothing special. Just an ordinary person with ordinary skills. What I do in the office other people can do better. But when I started to trust God and declaring that I have His favor; when I started obeying Him, my life took an unexpected turn. When I started with this new company, I never thought that in 3 months I would get promoted. Honestly, when I look back, I could never think of anything special I did that made people notice me. I was doing the same stuff as my office mates, but God showered me with His favor. Suddenly, people come up to me telling me of a job well done, my boss notices the simple things I do and is happy about it. I was dumbfounded but this is supernatural favor from God! When I got promoted, I was speechless!

Well, God was not content at giving me a promotion. He answered another one of my prayers. For some time now, I was praying that He will arrange my schedules in such a way that I get to spend time with hubby, attend Bible Study and attend Sunday service as well. He never failed! When I got promoted, our boss put me (and my officemate) in charge of the RTA schedules. Which means I get to pick! So by October, I will be able to attend Bible Study on Tuesdays, see my husband and spend time with him after work and attend Sunday services! Isn't God amazing?

Well, I know that life is not a bed of roses. There's bound to be a few bumps on the road. But it doesn't matter anymore. As long as I have God, He's got my back and I don't need to worry about anything. :)

I guess I just wanted to post about how wonderful it is to experience God's favor! When you truly seek Him, His kingdom, you will experience His favor and you will not be able to contain His blessings!

Praise God for everything! Father the glory is yours! Please continue to order and direct my steps. I earnestly seek to walk in Your ways that I may continue to find favor in your eyes. Thank you! I give everythng to you In Jesus name.

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