November 23, 2006

Backtrack and Updates

It's been so long since I last posted. Work, as usual, got the better of me. Plus, we only had dial up connection before and it took forever to connect.

So, let's do some backtracking and list down what happened the past couple of weeks, shall we?

1. October was a busy month. I had new responsibilities that came along with the promotion so the month was filled with work related stuff that I would rather not itemize here. :-) October 22 also marked my Dad's birthday. We had a special dinner treat for dad at Saisaki. It's been such a long time since we did this as a family. Needless to say, my dad was his usual melodramatic self, "you guys didn't have to do this" etc. etc. but he did enjoy and that was what's important.

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paper and embelishments from Shabby Princess

Also, I am thankful this month because I got me an advanced Christmas gift. My new baby, a DELL Inspiron 6000

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Hubby is using the NEO laptop. I had a hard time when he started bringing it to work so I decided I needed one too! I am immensely enjoying its 1GB memory. Although me and hubby look funny when we're together at home. We've both got our noses on a laptop each hahaha!

Next on my wish list is this:

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I know I sound too materialistic but hey, no harm in making a wish right? ;-)

October 27 was Victory Weekend for women at Victory Christian Fellowship. I had a blast learning about a lot of stuff. Sorry i wasn't able to bring my camera along.

2. November was my hubby's birthday month. Day before his birthday was spent with friends, Oli, Rachel and Chester. We had a blast at Oli and Rache's new pad! Condo living at the heart of Quezon City is what we call it. They actually turned Oli's parents' roofdeck into their own 3 bedroom home. The couple designed it so stylishly that it looks and feels like they're living in a condo! For hubby's birthday we just had a simple celebration here at home with the Belens. We had spaghetti and chicken. I even had to go to work that night as we were busy with the release of schedules.

Tuesday was another blessing. We were able to apply for SmartBro and we now have broadband internet connection. Hay sarap! To not worry about internet load and tying up the lines. I wonder why we didn't think about this before. What's good was they have this promo until December 31 - no installation fee! :-) Anyway, hubby was not contented and arrived last night with a Linksys Wireless-G router! Not being a techie person, I had a hard time setting it up though. Now the entire house is WiFi enabled. Truly, God is good! How sweet is His favor!

Hmm.. what else. That's basically it. I'll be able to update more frequently now that connecting to the internet is not a problem. So watch out for more updates. :)

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