April 26, 2007

How Secure are your Files?

With the advent of digital files came the risk of data loss, theft or worse viruses. Data Security is definitely quite an issue. I am one of those people who download tons of files everyday, from music to my digital kits for digital scrapbooking and my files are pretty important to me. I also use my laptop for various online businesses and work related stuff so a virus threat is also a big scary thing to me. I guess everything I store on my laptop is very important so I make sure that I am careful in downloaing files and opening emails from people I don't know (heck, sometimes even from people I know!)

I spoke to a friend about these risks yesterday and he pointed me to a site that offers a free secure zip file that literally protects everything you have on your PC. SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP is this new, revolutionary software that offers you protection at its best. It is also the easiest way to protect your stored files and more importantly those that you transfer by email (or otherwise). Also, let me mention that one of the features that I really like is that it is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook so encrypting files for sending is easy as pie! SecureZip also works well with multiple PCs as that of a single one.

Oh and before I forget, for a limited time, they are offering the product FREE to download! So what re you waiting for? Head over to www.securezip.com and get yours FREE!

Believe me, with all the fabulous features, you will never go wrong on this one!

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