April 23, 2007

Vacation Dreams

816In my other blog, my recent post was about my cousin going to New Jersey and having the time of his life. I also talked about my dreams to travel and how I love learning about different the history and cultures of places I visit. And while popular destinations appeal to me, other exotic and uncommon places also catch my attention.

I stumbled upon a neat travel website that offers a different type of search unlike any other. vacations.net allows you the option of choosing your type of vacation: Adults Only, Just for Couples, Family Friendly, Luxury etc. Their customized booking engine is intuitive and entirely customizable. They give you compelling visual images and visual tours and in-depth information on the destinations including amenities & recreational activities. I tell you, browsing their site made my heart a-flutter and my mind reel with imagination!

One of the many tempting offers I found was the Dominican Republic vacation. It's climate is the same as here in our country and the fact that Dominican Republic is in the carribean is an added plus! You should see the wide array of flora and fauna they have. And don't get me strated on the beaches they have. All I can say is WOW!

This beautiful carribean island offers more than the typical attraction of sun and sea as it is steeped in history and culture. I could go on and on but I am so worked up dreaming about a grand Dominican Republic vacation. I wonder when that will be?

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