April 23, 2007

Doing it the Digital Way

When we got married, we literally had to make sure we were within our budget. We achieved that goal. Our only mistake was I did not shelf any extra for our photos. While our photos were marvelous, thanks to the great Chito Vecina, our budget could only afford his services only. This meant we did not any get any albums for our wedding. We only got our CDs.

For so long, I was looking for ways on how to showcase our wedding pictures to people who want to see. We have the online album but not everyone has access to the internet. Printing could be one option but it's way to expensive.

I chanced upon a site that sells, what they call the digital picture frame. I got curious and excited once I got to their site. This was the solution to our problems! An LCD digital picture frame! This digital photo frame can do a slideshow of pictures in a variety of formats,jpeg, mp3, mpeg. Yes, it can play videos taken by your camcorder too as it has built in stereo speakers. Isn't that exciting? You can just place it in your homes and let your visitors look at your pictures!

They have 7, 8 and 10 inch digital frames available and it comes with a remote (yes! a remote! How cool is that?), power supply adapter, AV cable, stand and free 128mb memory card (for 9 and 10 inch frames).

Aint that a great deal?

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