April 26, 2007

Of Buses and Sweats

I ride the commuter bus everyday to and from work. It usually takes me an hour each. Believe me, commuting to and from work here isn't as easy as, say, the US where you ride a really nice commuter bus. Here the common aircon bus (Yes, there are a lot of non-aircon buses here) are surplus from Japan, therefore, old and dilapidated. Imagine riding an aircon bus with all the windows closed and the aircon barely blowing out cold air? I tell you I get dizzy riding these buses. Plus you'd have to endure the bad (if not the worst) traffic!

So, if you're in a tropical country like ours, and commuting to and from work via bus rides, then you would definitely know the word "humidity".

These past few months though, I was happy to see a couple of really new aircon buses from about 2 to 3 bus companies. I've been riding them and it was really a great improvement! I no longer arrive at the office looking like I ran a marathon with all the sweat puring down my face and my hair all disheveled. Also, going home is not as stressful as it once was because the bus was comfortable enough for me to sleep while traveling.

It was just a refreshing change I guess. Specially with the intense humidity we've been experiencing these days.

So to the owners of Jell Transport, JayRoss Transport, BBL and Cher (hehehe!), my big heartfelt thanks for the new buses you rolled out!

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