April 23, 2007

I Almost Had A Heart Attack!

I feel old. My youngest sister is now on OJT (On the Job Training) . By this time next year, she will be marching for her college graduation. Awww.. I still see her as the little 3 year old girl who once answered : "Kasi nasa itlog pa ako ng papa ko" (Because I was still in my father's eggs) when asked why she wasn't in the family picture. hehehe! Peace sis!

Anyway, I was able to chat with her today and we got to talking about her tasks in OJT. I casually asked what she wanted for as a graduation gift. I almost had a heart attack when she typed: "A MAC Book Pro." That's what you get for asking. lol!

You see my sister is a BSIT student and digital graphics is her thing. She said that was why she wanted the
MAC Book Pro. But heavens, have you seen the price tag on that thing? The lowest is at a whooping $1999!!! Goodness! I guess I'd have to bargain with my sister if an iPod can do. lol!

But seriously, can someone tell me if the MAC Book Pro is worth it's price?

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