April 23, 2007

I Found A New Love

Found a new love. He's fast. He's flexible and he knows and gives what I need. His name is Smorty! No, I am not replacing my husband, silly! LOL! It's this new blog advertising opportunityI found.

Smorty paves way for advertisers and bloggers to connect. It's a win-win situation; advertisers get more business while bloggers earn cash on the side (or even do it full time!).

I love how easy and fast the application process was. My blog got approved in less time than other paid blogging sites where you have to wait for a long time. The interface is user friendly too! You don't have to go through a lot of reading before you can sign up. I know of a certain site where you could not even find the link to sign up unless you read through the countless junk they have. With Smorty, the sign up link is there, right in front of your face!

Another thing I appreciate with Smorty is that information is there where you need it. Before you even sign up, information about requirements and rules are available already. When your blog gets approved and you see the available opportunities listed, you also get to see the number of posts available for that opportunity. Isn't that nice? You won't get frustrated of seeing a wonderful opportunity only to find out, that all available posts for it have been filled.

I'm sure they're going to be filled with applications in the coming days and I'm seeing a good future ahead for Smorty.

Interested? Sign up here. But I suggest you read the faq and rules first. Enjoy!

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