May 23, 2007

Driving by London Bridge - What if your car breaks down?

My cousin will be moving to the UK next year. She and her fiance will be staying there for good. How I wish I could live there sometime in the near future too. Hah! In your dreams, Nyree!

Anyway, we got to talking the other day, my cousin, her fiance and I, and our topic went to motors and cars and stuff. Her fiance recently bought a car there and we were laughing about what if his car breaks down in the middle of London bridge and it fell down? (I think we were almost drunk at this point lol!). My cousin then remembered and raved about this motor insurance her fiance got. They've got this really cool discounts that could really help you save. Imagine a No Claim Discount where you can get as much as 70% discount! And if you don't qualify on that category, they will give you an Introductory Discount of as much as 25%.

My future cousin in law was so raving about the company! I mean, with free emergency helpline, free europe wide cover, free courtesy car, who wouldn't want to grab that deal?

I wonder if they cater in our part of the globe. I doubt, but who knows, right? Maybe by the time hubby and I are able to purchase our own car, they'd be offering that same great deal here in our country.

Oh well, congratulations again to my cousin for her engagement! Your engagement ring totally rocks, by the way! lol! Here's to a lifetime of bliss for you both! And for the love of your friends and relatives, can you not think of holding your wedding in London?! Hahaha! Just kidding cuz, whatever makes you both happy, I'm all for it!

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