May 18, 2007

Travel Without the Hassles

I'm feeling quite frustrated the past few weeks. I don't know if it's stress from work or stress from home. Lol! I really think I need a break. June is fast approaching and I haven't been to any summer destinations. Pathetic life this is.

Hubby and I got to talking (well, chatting was more like it, with me at the office and him at home lol!, AIM is our best buddy these days) about taking a good vacation. We are planning a really romantic retreat. So, off I go to look for really cool but affordable destinations.

Of course being an online travel associate for a large online travel company before, I naturally went to their site. I was quite surprised to find out that I was having a hard time looking for great deals and destinations. I mean, here they were talking about hassle free travel when I am already encountering hassles just looking for something. I dare not imagine how it is when booking with them – more so while traveling with their services.

So I quickly left the site and continued my search and I came across a site that offers Hotel Discounts. They have great deals too! Plus the site was very user friendly, easy to navigate and understand. I also appreciate the fact that they have this destination guide that allows you to research and plan your trip with ease.

I had a wonderful time browsing through a lot of great hotel deals in my dream destinations such as France, Italy and Germany. Their listings were extensive and informative – literally anything you need to know is there. You can even browse by city! Additional options like car rentals, flights and vacation packages were also within a click of your mouse. Oh and the most interesting part? They have this $100 rebate going on right now. What more can you ask for?

Hubby and I haven’t decided on a final destination and package yet, but It was so much fun planning and all. Once we’ve made up our minds on a destination, we would definitely use Truly, travel planning without the hassle!

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