June 22, 2007

9 Months Pregnant and Missing

ETA: Jessie Davis' body was found. :,( Please pray for her and her unborn child. Also pray for her family who are grieving right now.

I don't know this lady but I would really love to help her through prayers.

I read through Yahoo! that Jessie Davis, a woman who is 9 months pregnant is missing and it's not clear what actually happened to her. She has a 2 year old son who was found alone and wandering about their house when Jessie's mother checked on her.

It's really sad. Being 9 months pregnant and all, I wonder how she is, if she and her unborn child are safe. Police also found out about a newborn baby girl found on a porch about 45 miles away and they're investigating if that is Jessie Davis's child.

Read the full story.


Leslie Herman said...

I grew up w/Jessie Davis and her family in Ormond Beach, FL. I haven't heard from her in some time but I have many many fond memories of her and her family and am heartbroken to hear about er and her unborn child's disappearence. At one time in my life, she was the best and greatest friend I could ever ask for. I am praying for her and her family....Leslie Herman

Nyree said...

Hugs Leslie! it's really sad what happened. Let's just continue to pray for Jessie.


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