June 24, 2007

About Opportunities and Walking

Sigh! I am getting sad about the opportunities available. It seems that there are a few opps available for low ranking PRs these days. Grrr, I just hate Google for the PR update. I mean I was at a PR 2 for crying out loud, but what can I do. sigh.

Well, there are a couple of opps but then if it's not about the Police concert (which i am getting tired of seeing by the way), it's about a new movie. If it's not about the movie, it's about the Score opportunities which are again, not for me since they are looking for parents. And what's more sad about it is that these opportunities are only for US or Canada posties. i know they must have good reason but somehow, this is making me sad. :(

There are quite a few advertisers who follow suit already to the US Bloggers only or UK bloggers only and while I respect their decision, I just think that the advertisers are making a huge mistake on geographically categorizing opportunities. Blogs have a wider reach, that is why they are on the internet. I just think they should at least give us a chance.

But like I said, what can I do but wait. Wait for more opps.

On another note, I recently made an effort to lose weight. lol! I hope I can continue and achieve my goal. So this morning, I wore my jogging pants and my running shoes and walked. I don't know how many miles I walked but I did. And I feel great, walking felt great. So I am planning to do this weekly.

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