June 21, 2007

Room Make Over

Our room needs a make over. Maybe this should be my prioirty, savings wise. lol.

Our wall needs repainting and furnitures replaced. I want a whole warm elegant feel to our bedroom. After all, that is where I spend most of my weekends to rest. Hmm.. I also want my own workspace. And our bed covers need replacement too! They're all worn out and faded eek! I want some duvet covers too and I'm wanting to get these:

It's from Terri's fabrics and don't you just love the mocha color?

Since we also have a sofa inside the room, I would also love to get some really nice throw pillows. Basically, I just want our bedroom to feel like you would never want to get out of it ever. lol! So, that's another project on the works.

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