June 24, 2007

Free $5 Worth of Calls - Check it Out

We have a lot of relatives in the US. My favorite aunt is there. She works as a nurse in New Jersey and truth be told, I miss her. It's good that once in a while she calls us. There are times though that she couldn't call because a long distance call from the US is quite expensive.

Just recently she called us about twice in a week and I asked her if she won the lottery or something. She laughed at me and said she just discovered Pingo and they save her about 90% on International calls. Wow! That was a great deal and she agreed! She said the Pingo has no hidden charges unlike other companies.

She also said she was earning while using Pingo by using Pingo's calling card affiliate program. She has referred a lot of her friends and she didn't have a hard time at all as Pingo has clear, reliable lines. They can also watch out for their calls by using Pingo's rate watcher. Why you even get $5 in free calls when you sign up. Pretty great deal, huh?

Well, we were able to talk to her for quite some time due to the savings she was getting from them so I guess, Pingo's the way to go. Don't worry, it's very easy as my aunt taught me how.

I wish we had Pingo here though. The last call card bought by my mom only allowed her about 5 minutes on the line when the ad promised more. Talk about false advertising. So if Pingo executives are reading this, I hope you put up a Pingo here. :) I'll be the first to sign up ;)

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