June 19, 2007

Got a Food Biz? Then maybe this is What You Need.

For months, the husband and I are thinking of really good business ventures. I read N!Ce's blog about her and her husband going into the food business and I thought, that's an idea. The food business here is getting really good and we are seriously considering it.

The challenge we have right now are funds. While we could earn that money, I think it would be more practical for us to consider getting some business loans. One of the companies we are looking into (and liking so far) is Advanced Restaurant Finance or ARF.

ARF is a licensed lender and has easy to use, simple application process. Plus they fund quickly. Unlike other companies, ARF will never increase your loan payments when your sales increase, or make you change your credit card processor. They have competitive rates to boot!

We are leaning on getting them if and when we truly decide to go with the business plan. I will let you all know about it.

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