June 19, 2007

The Heart of Marriage

You'd think being together for almost 10 years (with 2 years being married) we would never need to attend seminars, but no. Marriage is a totally different thing.

Last Saturday, the husband and me, with 2 of our best buds attended "The Heart of Marriage" seminar at Victory Christian Fellowship at the Every Nation Building in Fort Bonifacio. It was a seminar we will value and cherish for the rest of our lives.

The first part was defining marriage as seen in God's eyes. As Pastor Joey and his wife Marie said, marriage is a covenant - a sacred agreement. It is also during this part where roles were discussed and while the husband learned that he needs to be more aggresive in our marriage, I learned that I need to be more supportive. Something that he has opened up to me before but I was too proud to admit.

On the second part of the seminar, we discussed about the power of three. No, not the charmed ones lol! It was the power of the 3 gifts, the sign - committment, the sacrifice - love and the good news - God. With these 3 attributes in your marriage, your bond will be stronger. As God is committed to us, we should be committed to our spouse.

The third part talked about guarding our hearts from wrong focus (focusing on career, relatives, etc.), unrealisitic expectations (now that I am guilty of) and unforgiveness. Too often in most marriages we tend to dig into our chests of hurts and pains and throw it back to our partner. We need to forgive and forget no matter how hard it is. We need to clean up the hard drives of our hearts from the trash of unforgiveness.

The last, but not the least part of this awesome seminar, is about living decisively based on 1. The Word of God 2. Service 3. Faithfulness 4. Priorities and 5. being in agreement.

Needless to say we came out of that seminar with a firm resolve to practice what we learned, incorporate it into our marriage. We could not change overnight, but with God in our marriage, it is possible to live a long and happy marriage.

For those married couples out there, this is something you would want to attend. Not because you are having problems in your marriage (heaven forbid that you would wait that long to even attend it), but because you are both committed in making the most out of your married life. After all, marriage is a journey you should both take hand in hand.

For more inquiries and future schedules, you may visit Victory Christian Fellowship.

I suggest you also check out and read Gary Chapman's "The Five Love Languages". Definitely a must read for couples!

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