June 20, 2007

Of Work and Moving

A colleague will leave the company in a week's time. If you know the contact center industry here in our country, then you would know that it's a tight competition - retention wise. There are a lot of call centers who offer more than the others and the employees move. And when a new one springs up, the employees transfer again. I'm not saying it's bad, to each his own. I'm just sort of reflecting on my reasons before. :P Besides, I've got my fair share of hopping in the past.

I suddenly reminisced about those days when I would leave a company to work for another. It's not easy and as time passed, I got tired of moving a lot. (Besides, i don't think that's good for my career so I am staying put here.) The applications, the interviews and the requirements. It's just not worth all the hype. Besides, the financial issues don't matter much when you're really not happy with the work environment.

Thinking about it made me realize I am actually happy where I am. I don't drag myself to work. The pay isn't bad plus the benefits are great.

Hahaha! Sorry, I don't think this post is going anywhere though. I guess I just want to remember how I felt. :)

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