June 13, 2007

Internet Ads

In relation to my previous posts, I've been doing some online marketing for the past 2 months now and I must say, they're doing great. Aside from that, I am learning so much about the worldwide web and have discovered a lot of stuff from advertisers. I have also gained many friends from doing internet advertising.

One of the many internet advertising companies I'm involved in is ADVolcano. They are an online text advertising network that offers publishers the flexibility of pricing their own ads and customizing their own design.

Now what makes them stand out from other networks?

1. Fixed-Rate Buying - This is much like classified ads or billboard ads. They went away with the complexity and now it's all about simplicity.

2. Value Added Pricing - their fixed-rate model enables them to negotiate huge discounts in advertising rates in return for fixed committments.

3. Website Targeting - The "on a per-site basis" advertising reduces the risk of not knowing where your ads are displayed. This also enables advertisers to pre-qualify the audience.

For more information, you can visit ADVolcano.

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