June 14, 2007

Refusing to Help

I just read the news were a woman died in a hospital all because 911 and the hospital staff refused to help. This is horrifyting.

Edith Isabel Rodriguez who was in an emergency room in a Los Angeles hospital was in excruciating pain, according to the her husband, Jose Prado when he first called 911 but the latter refused to help.

According to the reports, another call was placed to 911 by an unknown woman saying that hospital staff were ignoring a woman who was in terrible pain. I watched the video and it was very clear that the woman said the hospital staff were ignoring the lady stating the she has been discharged already. The frustrating part was, the guy from 911 advised to call the medical staff and sternly reprimanded the lady that 911 is only used for emergency.

Que Horror! If that was not an emergency, why would that lady, who was not even a relative or friend of Edith Rodriguez, call 911 in the first place? And since this is the second call, is it still not an emergency?!

Was the guy from 911 deaf or something? Didn't the caller say the medical staff were ignoring Ms. Rodriguez. Why would you even suggest to call the medical staff? Sheesh!

Sorry but I just feel frustrated that a life was lost because someone refused to simply check and help out. :( I think the hospital staff and 911 are both at fault. It's good they are both under investigation.

You can read the full story here


Ockham's Student said...

This is a great tragedy indeed! It made me sad when I heard about it!

Nyree said...

Hi Ockham's Student. It made me sad too when I read it. :(


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