June 20, 2007

Want to Get the Hottest and Latest Celebrity News?

One of my stress relieving hobbies here in the office is catching up on celebrity gossips. Hehehe. I'd just like to keep up to date. I just read from Yahoo! before but now I've got a new favorite for celeb gossip.

This site has all the hot gossips and town and links to so much more! If I'm not careful, this might be the only thing I'd get done in the office! lol! Oops I hope by boss is not reading my blog :P

Celebrity Gossip is way cool. You can sign up for free to receive the latest in celeb gossip and you also get to vote on your favorite. Plus you also get to see information on your favorite celebrity, sort of like a bio-data thing.

So if you want hot news in the celebrity world, hop on over here. Enjoy!

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